100% Plastic Card Solutions

Business Cards

Business Cards are another salesperson for your business.
That little bit of your company left behind with your customers.

Is your business leaving the right impression?

Most business cards are printed on poor quality card that creases, gets dog-eared and easily rips. Cardboard cards tend to get put into pockets and handbags, usually ending up in the bin. They may typically be cheaper, but if 80% are discarded at the end of the day, is that saving money or is it a missed opportunity??

Our range of 100% Plastic Business Cards last for years and look fantastic, creating a great first impression. We can print any colour, including full colour photograph quality. Plastic business cards look and feel like credit cards, giving them a perceived high value. With this in mind, people tend to put them in a safe place along with their credit/debit cards, ie purse or wallet. As they are highly durable, your company details will be with them for years and are often passed around, thus spreading your company name.

We all want to give out a card people will keep.

'Word Of Mouth' (often referred to as ‘earned advertising’) is the most powerful form of advertising. Businesses are finding that the cards not only help to increase repeat business, but are also (via recommendation) being passed onto friends, family, work colleagues and many others. Typically, the percentage increase on others acting on WoM can be up to a massive 400%! What else can increase business for so little?

Loyalty Cards

Market research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones. Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives that will inspire their loyalty. ProActiv Cards can supply your business with 100% plastic loyalty cards as an excellent marketing tool for rewarding your valued existing customers.

Many businesses are now using ‘Loyalty Schemes’ to encourage customers to spend in their shops or on their services.  Cardboard loyalty cards can be found everywhere but research has shown that because of the quality of these cards, they are often lost, damaged or simply never used.

By using 100% UPVC loyalty cards, designed with your company branding, you are giving your customer a card they will keep, use and keep using. Our cards are rendered with a special coating that allows you to stamp the cards and when full, you simply wipe clean and start again.

Loyalty programs allow businesses to reward customers with immediate discount or points that can be applied towards future purchases. Discounts can be used to help benefit the business as well as saving the customer money. Businesses can identify who their customers are, when and what they buy, and how much they spend. This information can then be used to reward your most loyal clients.

Every business has a slow period or products that sell slowly. These problems can be overcome by using our 100% plastic loyalty cards to offer extra discounts or points on purchases made during off-peak days/weeks.

Encourage customers to spend more by offering additional benefits for purchases that exceed certain amounts. Create special promotions such as members’ only offers. The list of applications is endless. With today’s sophisticated payment technology, gift and loyalty card schemes can be as flexible and creative as the entrepreneurs who use them.

Contact us now and our experienced team will assist in helping you reward your customers.

Appointment Cards

If your business offers its customers appointments, then those appointments are valuable. Your time is booked and should that customer not attend, it is wasted.

Missed appointments can cost your business a lot of time and money and are one of the biggest concerns for many small companies throughout the UK.

Missed appointments are primarily due to people forgetting or losing their appointment card. By giving your customers an appointment card they will keep, you can greatly reduce your lost time. They will also have your company details with them at all times, ensuring your name is carried far and wide.

ProActiv appointment cards are high quality 100% UPVC cards which contain a special coating to enable you to write-on an appointment time and date. Research shows that plastic cards are traditionally kept safer than standard cards and they can be reused time and time again.

Contact us now where a member of team will help you reduce your lost time.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are commonly found in retail stores, ranging from coffee shops and cafés right through to large concerns such as Tesco.  Any business, regardless of size and industry can benefit immensely from offering 100% UPVC gift cards to their customers.

By offering your customers gift cards, you can improve your cash flow and introduce new customers to your business.

Our 100% UPVC plastic gift cards are a quick and easy solution to gift-giving dilemmas. Gift cards let the recipients determine exactly what to buy for themselves. The lucky recipient can choose their gift from your stock or services and they also bring new customers through your doors. Once in, you can help them return with one of our ‘Loyalty Card Schemes’.

Plastic gift cards are easier and less expensive to handle than paper and more difficult to counterfeit. Our 100% plastic gift cards can be used again and again. National statistics show that over 10% of gift cards are never redeemed.

Plastic gift cards can also be used for credit notes for returned goods.

In essence, plastic gift cards can be a practical gift in this fast-paced and hectic world and a very profitable tool for businesses, in a number of ways.

Membership Cards

Our 100% plastic membership Cards cater for the needs of an ever growing number of businesses that use membership cards; including golf clubs, tennis clubs, gyms and sports clubs.

We can cater for any size of programme for membership cards and pride ourselves on delivering the best quality cards across even the smallest project.

Whether you have a sophisticated, technology based or basic card requirement, we can supply the solution.

Our design and printing services will provide you with a card that gives your organisation a professional image. We can advise you on integrating memberships to your club or business.

We can incorporate a wide range of technologies from barcodes and magnetic stripes, to sequential numbering and signature panels. These can be integrated with your existing or future system requirements.

Additional Options

Our 100% plastic cards can be further enhanced with a number of options such as:

Embossed Lettering
You can give your card the authentic ‘credit card feel’ by using embossed lettering. This brings your text to life and is a popular option on cards such as membership cards.

Scratch Panels
Scratch panels allow your customers to remove panels on the card to reveal a code, offer, symbol or anything you may wish to be concealed until the right moment.

QR Codes
QR codes are becoming more popular by the day. Using their Smartphone, your customers can scan the QR code on your card and be taken directly to your website, Facebook page or even your own Smartphone App.

Barcodes are now commonplace in many aspects of everyday life and we can add them to your cards. They can then be used to identify each customer on your current POS system.

What out clients say.

The Spray Shop (Garage)

‘Since using plastic business cards, I have found my customers are keeping them, unlike the cardboard cards ones I used to use. I have ordered a thousand cards four times now and the quality and service has been excellent. I would recommend ProActiv Cards to any other businesses.’

Mr Richards


Fothergill’s (Hair And Beauty)

‘We were using cardboard before but our customers didn’t tend to keep them, so we constantly had to reorder. We have been using plastic appointment cards for the last four years. They have saved us a fortune as we haven’t had to reorder since. They also look brilliant too! We will definitely be using ProActiv again in the future and I have recommended plastic cards to all my friends that have businesses -  10/10 rating.’

Karen Fothergill


SGM Performance (Garage)

‘When I used to give out cardboard cards before, they were dirty and tatty before they even got to the customer, so I was really happy when I was introduced to plastic.  My customers always make positive comments when I give them out. I have introduced a few of my friends to ProActiv Cards.’