100% Plastic Keyfobs

What can I use Fobs for ?

Proactiv Cards manufacture high quality keyfobs, which are a third of the size of a credit card and made from 100% Plastic. They are designed to last for many years without becoming unsightly.

Unlike many keyfobs on the market which are simply laminated, ours are made from a Solid UPVC unit.

They can be used for a large number of applications and we often find that once your customer has one on their keys they are kept in place, serving as a constant reminder of your business.

MOT and Service Reminders

Government Statistics show that over 25% of drivers forget to renew they MOT at the correct time.  That is 25% of cars on the roads are on the road illegally at some point in the year!!!!

By issuing your customers with a 100% Plastic Keyfob you can ensure they not only renew their MOT on time but do so at your garage.

Our keyfobs are 100% plastic and will not peel or fall apart.  In fact it is not uncommon for a customer to use the same keyfob for up to 5 years.

Our Keyfobs have a specially designed surface that means you can write their renewal date and / or service date on. Once they return you simply wipe the card and write the new date on.

We work with thousands of garages throughout the UK helping them reduce their overheads as once the keyfob reminder system is phased in there is no need to email, text, ring or write to the customers as they will not have forgotten - saving time and incresing revenue.

Loyalty Fobs

Market research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones. Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives that will inspire their loyalty. Proactiv Cards can supply Loyalty Keyfobs which work as an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers.

Many businesses are now using Loyalty Schemes to encourage customers to spend in their shops or on their services.  Cardboard loyalty cards can be found everywhere but research has shown that because of the quality of these cards, they are often lost, damaged or simply never used.

By using 100% UPVC Loyalty Keyfobs, designed with your company branding, you are giving your customer a card they will keep. On the fobs we can supply as special coating that allows you to stamp the cards and when full you simply wipe clean and start again.

Loyalty programs allow businesses to reward customers with immediate discount or points that can be applied towards future purchases. Discounts can be used to help benefit the business as well as saving the customer money. Businesses can identify who their customers are, when and what they buy, and how much they spend. This information can then be used to reward it’s most loyal clients.

Every business has a slow period or products that sell slowly so you can overcome these problems  by using our 100% Plastic Loyalty Keyfobs to offer extra discounts or points on purchases made during off-peak days/weeks.

Encourage customers to spend more by offering additional benefits for purchases that exceed certain amounts. Create special promotions such as members only offers. The list of applications is endless. With today’s sophisticated technology, gift and loyalty card schemes can be flexible and creative as the entrepreneurs who use them.

Contact us now and our experienced team will assist in helping you reward your customers.

Appointment Reminders

If your business offers its customers appointments, then those appointments are valuable.  Your time is booked and should that customer not attend, it is wasted.

Missed appointments can cost your business a lot of time and money and are one of the biggest concerns for many small companies throughout the UK.

The reasons for missed appointments are mainly due to people forgetting or losing the appointment card.  By giving your customers an appointment keyfob they will keep, you can greatly reduce your lost time.  They will also have your company details with them at all times – ensuring your name is carried far and wide.

Proactiv Plastic Appointment keyfobs are high qualitys with a special coating to enable you to write an appointment time and date.  As research shows, Plastic Keyfobs are traditionally kept safer than standard cards and they can be reused time and time again.

What our Clients Say.

Lee - Quinlan Motors (Garage)

I have just received my second order of key fobs. We don’t have to give that many out now as most of our customers that have the fobs on their keys, from up to 3 years ago, still have them on their keys. This has definitely helped with customer retention & increased the number of customers we see from referrals.


Andy Cooke - City Rd Garage (Garage)

I have found that the key fobs work really well, are good value for money & very effective too as my customers are happy to keep them on their keys.  I have seen an increase in recommended work since introducing them.



Kate Mincher - Vetenary Hospital (Vets)

I recently order a second batch of key fobs. They are very convenient for my customers & a very cost effective way of me getting my details out there.