The History of Proactiv

Proactiv Marketing is a Barnsley based manufacturer of high-quality plastic cards and keyfobs. We also supply associated printed products such as flyers, leaflets and brochures, bespoke website development, and newly developed loyalty & appointment software to enable you to give the very best value to your customers.

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer the best products in the market at the best prices.

Our team work with over 10,000 small and medium-sized businesses across the UK who use Proactiv to enhance their business and grow, often showing remarkable increases in profit by implementing our methods and advice.

Proactiv Marketing began in 2009, and we have now established ourselves as one of the UK's fastest-growing suppliers of Quality UPVC Card Solutions.





Being out their seeing clients on a daily basis we could see many small companies didn't have websites & the the majority of those that did either weren't happy with their current developer or weren't happy with the traffic they were getting. We have now employed a couple of developers. Shane who heads that department has been developing websites & directing traffic to them since 1995.

A special clear coating was sourced that could go on the back of the cards & fobs. In 2008 to 2010 - Government statistics showed 25.3% of MOT's were carried out late in the U.K.. Seeing there clearly was a problem -  The MOT keyfob reminder was launched. This has turned out to be our No.1 product. Garage owners have found by it acting as a daily reminder it has pretty much eliminated the problem. Other companies have since started selling the reminders too but without the special coating on the back the dates written on the fobs rub off very quickly. 
Jan 11
After heavy investment, full colour cards with a protective overlay were brought to the market. 

Seeing & believing the Tesco Clubcard key fob was a good idea & realising they not only looked vibrant but customers were more likely to keep them on their keys than a key ring. The plastic keyfob was launched. Unlike the Tesco fob which was a 3 piece laminate, the solid fobs were much more durable & didn't peel.

A major card type in the market were appointment cards. Unfortunately with plastic not being porous it was difficult to write on. Our MD developed a label system. The label simply stuck to the back of the appointment card. The main market being doctor / dentist surgeries, hairdressers & beauty salons. Once all the slots on the label were full it was simply peeled off   replaced with another. The reusable appointment card not only reduced over heads it reduced missed appointments. 


I like to portray a professional image & the cards definitely help me do that.  I would never go back to cardboard.

Mr Marshall: Bakewell MOT (Garage)