Client Testimonials

Melvyn Ellis: Ellis Timber LTD (Timber Supplies)

‘I am over the moon with the key fobs. The quality is spot on and they have been working very well since I started using them in 2010. My only problem is I can’t seem to get rid of them quick enough, as all my customers keep them!’


Anita Chisholm: AOK Motorcycles (Motorbikes)

‘I’d never used key fobs before so was a little sceptical at first. Since introducing them I have found they work really well because my customers like the look of them & they have my contact details to hand whenever they need any work doing from AOK. I have seen an increase in recommended business since introducing the fobs. I don’t like to recommend them to anyone else because I like to keep good ideas to myself!’


Simon Reed: Floral Expressions (Florist)

‘A lot of my work is based on recommendations. Since I’ve been using the fobs for the last three years, they have really helped when it comes to people passing on my details. I have given out over two thousand in that time! They also look good and reflect well on my business. I would recommend to all florists - just not ones in this area!’

Lee Ellaway: Hutchinson Motors (Garage)

‘When I first purchased the MOT fob reminders, I monitored how well they worked as we were sending out letters before that. Twelve months down the line, we saw that the fobs were still on the keys with the due date on! We then started phasing out sending letter reminders. We are now saving a couple of thousand pounds on postage every year and our customers are booking in on time. I have since placed a larger order.’

Michelle Cooper: Kidsgrove (Hair & Beauty Salon)
‘I use cards & fobs in all my salons. I used to use cardboard cards but the decision to use plastic was a no brainer. They are great for the image of my business. My staff give out three or four cards to all our customers and they pass them onto their friends and family. It’s the only marketing I do! I have found the key fobs work well as people don’t take them off their keys.’

Chris Unsworth: Craven Garage (Garage)

‘I have placed three orders over the years. I have noticed when I give out the business cards my customers put them straight into their purses or wallets. The key fobs are great value as they last ages. They are essential for any garage.’

Les Marsden: Spot on Windows (Window Services)

‘I have been using the fobs for four years and since then, I’ve found that the amount of new customers they have helped me generate through recommendations has increased dramatically, as my contact details are getting passed on. As a result, I no longer have to advertise! Customers I gave fobs to four years ago still have them on their keys!’